Outdoor events require careful planning, and you cannot forget porta potty rental alongside more enjoyable things like music, catering, and decorations. Every visitor and guest’s comfort depends on having enough portal toilet rentals on site. Avoid lengthy lines, hygiene and sanitation issues, and unhappy people by figuring out how many you need well before people show up.

Porta Potty Rental – The Per Person Calculation

The two main numbers you need to calculate portable bathroom rental requirements are the number of people and time span of the entire event. The statistical average number of bathroom visits for adults is seven per day. However, the actual need varies greatly from person to person, and most events do not last 24 hours. How do you figure out how many to rent then?

The basic equation comes down to one porta potty per 50 people for four hours. Therefore, if you have 100 people, you will need two portable toilets. If you have 50 people and the event lasts eight hours, you will also need two. This is the bare minimum for functionality.

  • Up to four hours + 50 people = 1 or 2 porta potties

  • Up to eight hours + 50 people = 3 or 4 units

  • Full-day event with 100+ people = 10+ portable toilets

You can get away with renting only one for some smaller gatherings. However, it is highly recommended to always use two just in case something goes wrong or things get busier than expected. Also, this allows you to create gender-specific restrooms to increase privacy and comfort for guests with more delicate sensibilities. With the relatively low cost of unit rental, this should not be a hardship for most.

Plan for the worst-case scenario, and it will fail to happen. Just imagine the feedback and reviews you would get from guests if you offered too few portable toilets and something went wrong. People want to enjoy the event, not stand in line for an overflowing bathroom.

Also take into consideration how many days the event will last. Some go on all weekend while others last even longer. The number of units also depends on how frequently you will have them emptied. Huge festivals with multiple days and hundreds of people run a high risk of portable bathroom rental problems. Of course, you need to schedule a service to empty the portable toilets and clean them overnight in these situations.

Do not forget about hand-washing stations or portable sinks when determining your budget for porta potty rental. Of course, most standard units do not have a sink inside. If you opt for a luxury restroom trailer, they do include sinks with running water. While hand sanitizer stations are included in all, many people much prefer to wash their hands to maintain hygiene and health. Freestanding hand-washing stations are suitable for places without running water hookup. Position a single or double unit alongside each porta potty group.

Factors that Affect Portable Bathroom Rental Needs

Besides the number of people at the event and how long it lasts, there are other criteria that may affect your portable bathroom rental decisions. While your budget matters, remember that a restroom issue can destroy an event faster than anything else. This is not one place where you want to skimp on set up.

Area of the Grounds – How big is the outdoor space? You need to rent enough porta potties to give everyone relatively easy access to a bathroom when they need it. No one wants to walk for five or ten minutes to relieve themselves when necessary. As long as the grounds allow it and have sufficient flat and easy-access spots, opt for multiple restroom spots.

Social Event or Worksite — Most of the information offered in this article focuses on social events or public festivals with an estimated number of guests or visitors. Of course, things are a bit different on a worksite that needs temporary toilets. You will know exactly how many people there are most of the time, and you do not have to worry about making an exceptional impression. As long as you meet OSHA job site requirements and truly provide enough comfort for your workers, you can reduce the number slightly.

Equal Access Potties — Statistically, women use the restroom more often than men. Also, they may spend a longer time in the portable toilet in general. When deciding how many porta potties to rent, also consider that some guests may feel uncomfortable using ones directly adjacent to each other, especially in mixed gender situations. Rent enough to make separate facilities at least separated by a hygienic outdoor sink or hand washing station.

Alcohol Service — If you are serving alcohol at the event, you will need more porta potty rental units. First of all, these types of events often focus on drinking more than, for example, an open-air movie night or a neighborhood flea market. Celebrations with bar service, wine tastings, or any adult-focused festivals will see people drinking beverages more than usual. This leads to a greater need for relief. Second, alcohol has diuretic properties, which also increases the need for accessible portable bathrooms.

Do Not Forget Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potties

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and all standards of decency require that you provide wheelchair accessible portable toilet rental units to the guests at any event. The general guideline is to include one for every 20 standard porta-potties used. One is sufficient in most cases if you have fewer than that for the entire event. However, also take into consideration how large the grounds are. People with mobility challenges would appreciate two or three placed at intervals that are more accessible.

The comfort and satisfaction of every event guest and visitor depends on you knowing the answer to this important question: How many porta potties do I need to rent? When in doubt, opt for more. Nothing will ruin a special occasion faster than long lines at overburdened portable toilets.